What does NIA stand for?

NIA stands for The Netherlands India Association, in Dutch: De Vereniging Nederland-India.

It was founded in 1951 and is the oldest organisation connecting Indian people, people with an Indian background (e.g. Surinamers and Malaysians) and Dutch people.

NIA promotes the knowledge and understanding of the culture, history, philosophy, religion and society of both India and The Netherlands. NIA aims to establish friendly relations between Indians and the Dutch through widening and deepening personal, cultural, and social contacts.

What kind of activities does NIA organise?

NIA organises cultural, academic and socio-political programmes.

These often have a specific twist which makes them attractive to Indians, people with an Indian background and Dutch people who are interested in the Indian Subcontinent.

Networking and enjoying everyone’s background, expertise and personality is an additional aim of the NIA.

Enjoying food and drinks - both Indian and Dutch/European - literally flavours our gatherings, which are often accompanied by Indian live-music and dance. Meetings are "truly gezellig", quoting President Obama.

How many activities does NIA organise per year?

NIA organises 5 events per year. These are:

  1. Annual meeting/ New Year reception (January)
  2. King’s Day celebration (around 26 April)
  3. An academic programme or debate (May or June)
  4. Indian Independence Day (15 August)
  5. Diwali, possibly to be combined with Sinterklaas (November)

See the Calendar for the exact dates of the upcoming events.

What are the membership fees per year?

Single membership: € 30,-

Students:  € 15,-

Family membership: € 50,- (= 2 adults)

Does my membership fee pay for all these activities?

NIA aims to present a quality programme for a modest price. However halls must be hired and artists must be paid. We try to get sponsorship to keep the costs as low as possible for our members.

Members of NIA always get considerable discount on activities. Some programmes, such as the Annual meeting/ New Year reception and the debate might be free and snacks are usually complimentary.

Guests, of course, have to pay a fee to cover their expenses.

Becoming a NIA member is financially attractive because you will get much more than you pay for your yearly contribution. Your membership fee easily pays off.

Can I bring friends or persons interested in NIA/India?

Yes, you can always bring friends. Do inform the NIA secretary as to the number of the guests and their age category (adult, student, child). Of course guests do not get a member discount.

Can I bring my young children or grandchildren?

Formerly NIA was a family-based organisation. We explicitly want to revive this tradition.

With the exception of the academic meetings and debates, we heartily welcome children and arrange a special programme for them.

Of course young adults (ca. 16+) are most welcome to join the academic activities and debates.

Does NIA only welcome Indian and Dutch people?

No; people with an Indian background (e.g. Surinamers, Malaysians) are most welcome to join NIA.

Can I offer NIA my help?

Yes, please, we would highly appreciate your assistance in organizing upcoming events.

You can contact the NIA secretary through the mail address or phone number given under Contact.

Are my personal ideas welcome?

We welcome new ideas for programmes and the design of these programmes. Feel free to contact the NIA secretary through the mail address or phone number given under the Contact page.

Can I sponsor NIA?

It would be very gratifying for NIA to receive sponsorship. Quality programmes and performances require a solid budget. NIA cannot successfully function on membership fees only.

If you want to sponsor the NIA activities (systematically or incidentally), please contact the secretary.

What about NIA website advertisement?

For advertisement on the new NIA website (mobile-first and tablet designed), please use the mail address of the joint-secretary as given on the Contact page.

She will contact you regarding images and links.

The tariff for a 2015 advertisement is  € (to be decided).

Can I have my Personal History Story on the NIA website?

NIA is very much interested in personal histories. For instance, histories of Indian individuals or families who - long ago or recently - came to the Netherlands.

We would like to link up with mixed marriage couples or with Dutch people who have a specific bond with India.

If you are interested in an interview or if you want to tell your personal history through showing a few photographs, please contact the joint-secretary as given on the Contact page.

Where to send my photographs?

If you took some great photographs at a NIA event, please send these to the joint-secretary (ask for the e-mail address that allows large attachments using the contactform).

A selection of your photographs will be displayed at the website. Many thanks!